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Teachers Across Borders


2013 Workshops

June 28 - August 30

Inle Lake, Myanmar

July 8-13

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Bagan, Myanmar



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Welcome to Teachers Across Borders

For me when I go to school in 1st Aug. I will have a lot of fun again with my students.  I learnt many things from you. I will tell my students and teach them all the lessons from you. I have got many types of ideas after I worked with you. But it was a very short time to stay with you. However, if I have some questions, I know that you will help me.”  Participant, 2011 Workshops

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Education can inspire and create depth, meaning and purpose in our lives. Access to quality education improves opportunities for everyone, especially children in developing countries.  Teachers Across Borders (TAB) mission is to improve and augment teacher professional development in developing countries, especially Cambodia.

TAB brings master teachers from the U.S., Sweden, Australia and other countries to Cambodia and South Africa to help teachers who face enormous challenges including low pay, minimal facilities, class sizes of 75 or more, few materials and no teacher training. TAB’s aim is to model good teaching and to inspire, collaborate, support and value the work of our teacher colleagues. Through “Teachers Teaching Teachers” workshop programs we share content  and training ideas with fellow teachers. The collaboration inspires not just our trainees but our volunteers. Helping one Cambodian teacher affects the education and lives of hundreds of children.

Marilynn Hitchens,

Co-Founder and Director, Teachers Across Borders

Teachers Across Borders



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